Beyond Tech Skills

BTS-021 Be the River, Not the Rock: Bill Kleyman on the Future of IT, Managing Cross-Generation, & Handling Entitlement

Episode Summary

Managing intelligent, creative people presents unique challenges made even trickier when collaborating across multiple generations, each with distinctly different outlooks and career goals. Jim and Liron discuss those challenges with Bill Kleyman, EVP of Digital Solutions at Switch, and present some neat ideas for overcoming a protégé’s seeming entitlement. Bill also explains his vision for mentoring colleagues to effectively channel their abilities on their career trajectories. Along the way, we’ll dive into the bright future of IT as part of the global “re-electrification” that’s underway right now.

Episode Notes

Switch Gigawatt Nevada:

Raspberry Pi SuperComputer:

Bill’s new personal website:

Morse code vs. texting challenge:

Hierarchy of needs: